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We all love festivals, and we all love the music, food, and fashion that comes with them. Enter: Alex, Rachel, Croft, and Jodie – four self-proclaimed festival junkies that have decided to band together and create Find Me in the Field Magazine.

Find Me in the Field is an online festival bible. Somewhere where you can find the latest news and updates from our highlights of the festival scene. Find Me in the Field is here to show you what to keep an eye on – from upcoming artists, line-up announcements, delicious food, or eclectic new festival styles – and what to ignore.

We’re going to be covering day festivals, week-long festivals, festival launch parties, food festivals, and anything else that the Find Me in the Field team think you need to know about. So whether you’re planning your festival season or preparing for those festival-less winter months, then Find Me in the Field will guide your way.

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Calling all festival junkies – this is your new home.