Costume inspiration for Day of the Dead Festival

Infamous daytime party throwers Babylon are bringing Day of the Dead Festival all the way from Mexico City to various cities across the UK, bringing with it an array of painted faces, colourful masks and fine clothing. Bristol Day of the dead festival

Day of the Dead (or Dia de Muertos, if you speak Spanish) is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico to pray for friends and family members who have died in order to support their spiritual journeys. Although organisers are keen to stress this is not part of the Mexican public holiday and none of the religious aspects of this holiday will be incorporated into their events.

Inspiration for the festival’s unique fashion style comes originally from a hundred-odd year old Mexican cartoon of a very elegant skeleton, ‘La Calavera Catrina’. Now, a skeletal mask or face paint is essential fancy dress for any Day of the Dead celebrations.

If you’re a last-minute-Lucy, this could be accompanied with some simple-yet-effective skeleton printed leggings, ribcage t-shirts, etc. However, if you really want to go all out with your costume (wouldn’t it be great if everyone did?), think: long flowering dresses, black veils, colourful lace and a crown of flowers.

For the guys, think Daniel Craig at the start of Spectre. You could go for a traditional Mexican suit and sombrero if you’re feeling particularly exotic. Here are some inspiration for costume ideas to get the creative juices flowing…

Not a lot has been revealed yet about the festivities for each city’s event, what you can expect, however, is a day-long fiesta with many spectacles taking place throughout the day including giant skull processions around the venue, ‘The Skulls’ dance troupe and acrobats, DJs all day accompanied by a live section, piñatas, free skull face painting, confetti, CO2 and light show.

Each event will take place on a different date in all of these UK cities: London, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton, Swansea.

Babylon events are known to sell out quickly. Register to buy tickets when they go on sale at the Babylon Day Party website.