No Debutante’s Festival Fashion Tips

With summer festivals on the horizon, it’s time to start considering your festival wardrobe. Let’s take a step away from the boho Coachella style festival fashion of the past and look at what’s happening in fashion now.

The three stand-out looks for 2016 are nineties-inspired Grunge Revival (it’s all about Kurt and Courtney this time round), the cool, urban trend for Retro Sports; and a fashion mash up, in bright colours, bold accessories and everything else mixed in, it’s Fash Clash!

If you are like me, you are a fashion clash lover and would wear all of these looks at once, but that’s another story… Here’s a breakdown of what’s going to be hot at this summer’s festivals. Stick to one look or mix it all up, anything goes this year.


Grunge Revival

For the boys, think Kurt Cobain mixed up with Jimi Hendrix: plaid shirts, sloppy cardigans, ripped and fur coats (yes, a fur coat on the boys – it’s the next big thing!).

No Debutante Grunge Revival

Queen of grunge – Courtney Love

Girls, you need to rock it up in slip dresses and denim jackets, all topped off with a tiara, Courtney Love stylee. Or punked-up cute dresses worn with messy hair – red lipstick essential.

Other items for this look include Dr Martens, Vans, flip flops, Converse, military jackets, maxi skirts, camouflage jackets, dungarees and denim shorts. Don’t forget to embellish and customise your wellies and DMs up, nineties style.  The Saint Laurent SS 2016 show is the best inspiration for this look.

If you’re in Bristol, check out Uncle Sams on Park Street , Bristol Textiles Recyclers (BTR) and charity shops for the best Grunge revival supplies in Bristol – it’s all about vintage and thrift shopping.


Retro Sports

Retro Sports is another nod to the nineties, influenced by the ‘old school’ style, which was itself inspired by the sportswear of the 1970s.  Urban Outfitters is a big fan of this look, you could basically kit yourself out in the one shop!

No Debutante Retro Sports

Retro Sports

This look is all about the label. It’s sharp and urban and the pieces you need to own include Puma States, Reebok Classics, Fila clothing, Fred Perry polos and Adidas everything, especially the skinny retro t-shirts, Gazelles, sports jackets, and the most important look of the season: white sports socks and sliders.

Another big sportswear trend at the moment is the 1970s skate look inspired by skate legend, Tony Alva. Think long white sports socks and Vans, worn with shorts and a skate tee. The nineties skater look can also be worked with baggy t-shirts, beanie hats, half mast Dickies trousers and a backpack.

With A-line denim skirts, skinny t-shirts, leggings, mom jeans and crop tops thrown in for the girls, you can’t go wrong. Wear your retro sports tops and trainers  with a maxi skirt for a more modern take on the boho festival look.

A sportswear revival would be nothing without a shell suit bomber jacket, of course, but the oversized hoodie is everyone’s best friend this season and a festival staple.

Check out Urban Outfitters and That Thing to get the perfect Retro Sports look this season.

Sports socks and sliders

Sports socks and sliders are one of the most important look of the season.

Fash clash

Anything goes here. Mix it all up, clash it up, mash it up, but make sure it’s in bright colours and accessorised to the max with bold headgear and sunnies. Clashing co-ords, sheer layers, shiny metallics, cool kimonos, bright hair colours, bold hairstyles, nineties graphic prints, glitter make-up and the most important accessory of 2016 – the bumbag.

The most important accessory of 2016 – the bumbag

Check out Bristol independents Neat frontage, Tezla Designs, Fix Up look Sharp and Zedhead Designs for the best Fash Clash clothing and accessories inspirations and look out for them selling their fun and fruity designs at festivals this year.


Festival Fashion Essentials for 2016

Tip 1. Wear a light (and proper nineties style) bomber jacket for the night time, it looks great and with its padded lining is actually warm – denim jackets look good but are useless when it’s cold!

Tip 2. You need to keep dry so kit yourself out with wellies or Dr Martens and a waterproof jacket. Fisherman jackets, clear plastic macs and Retro Sports Anoraks are your friend this year, and are perfect for festivals.

Tip 3. Back packs and bum bags are the only type of bags you will be needing. You can dance and jump around whilst wearing them and they just stay where they are, you know it makes sense…

Tip 4. Take (at least) two pairs of sunglasses! Obviously you could break or lose your sunnies, but the best thing about multiple sunnies is that they can transform your look. Choose bold colours, styles and prints and get yourself noticed.

All set, get ready…..GO!

No Debutante xx

No Debutante is a fashion blogger, bang DJ and club promoter. Find her blog at