10 Tips to Avoid Festival Woes

Summer is looming and many festivals have sold out already, so if you haven’t made your mind up between Bestival and Boomtown already now is the time to do so. However, bear in mind that once you have made the decision your work is not quite done, it’s well worth taking a few minutes to consider the logistics in advance. This will allow you to relax and forget all responsibility when you get there. Here is a list of 10 life-saving hacks that will guide you through the rougher side of festival life.

BYO flag pole

Everyman’s home is his castle as they say… well the same is true of your tent. Its seems decadent, but marking your tent or group of tents out with a flag will save you hours of aimless wandering when you are desperate for those precious hours of sleep. Pitching near a recognisable feature is helpful as well (except for loos – don’t do that).

Sleep is festival gold-dust

I know I know ‘you can sleep when you are dead’, but if you do not want to bring about that about prematurely organising yourself so you can catch a few winks is imperative. My best tip here is always invest a large tent – even if you think you won’t need it. The extra space will do you well for storing your stuff in wet weather and allowing you a little breathing space in hot. If you are working on a tight budget you can look at renting a large tent (for a fraction of the price of buying one) on peer-to-peer rental sites like Fat Lama you could even get a campervan if you really wanted to treat yourself.

Invest in a dry bag

I know a bin bag can go a long way at a festival but a dry bag is infinitely better (unless you are wearing it as a coat). Don’t risk the losing your valuables and dry clothes in the famously wet British summers just stick them in a dry bag instead – remember it only takes one poorly chosen tent site to turn your bed into a swimming pool after all.

Save water bottle lids before you go

It sounds odd, but many festivals remove the lids of water bottles when they sell them to you. This is very annoying if you are suffering from a hangover and are therefore in dire and constant need for water. Reject the choice to either having to drink your the whole bottle in one or carry it in your hand (thereby drastically inhibiting your dance moves and letting it get tepid). Be wise, bring your own lids, and enjoy sticking two fingers up at the rules.

Staying clean(ish)

Stock up on hand sanitizer and baby wipes. These items will become your closest friends when you are camping. The baby wipes are your shower alternative, the hand sanitizer your protector against the trauma of the portaloo – need I elaborate? In fact, if you are a woman I would highly recommend investing in a shewee – desperate times call for desperate measures after all…

Unlikely fashion… hello headtorches and bumbags.

Contrary to everything you thought you knew bum bags are officially trendy! Not only that but they are also incredibly practical as they leave both hands free for maneuvering your drinks/ food/ dance moves whilst keeping your valuables safe. The head torch is a must if you wish to find your tent again in the dark. Key tip, for an added tip stick it in a plastic milk bottle for extra glow.

Don’t risk your phone.

However good the festival is, you don’t want to leave on a sour note if your expensive phone gets lost or broken. It’s a needless risk when you can buy a cheapy one for £20 these days. The obvious downside of this is that you can’t take photos – not to worry – you can just truly embrace the old school and get a disposable camera (it might make you concentrate a bit more on the pictures you choose to take).

Duct tape is the solution

Whatever your problem is duct tape can probably solve it! Got a hole in your wellie? Duct tape. A broken tent pole? Duct tape. A noisy tent-mate? Just kidding… But generally speaking whatever has broken will survive if you whack a bit of duct tape on it. Key tip, if you are particularly short on space wrap a supply of it around a water bottle so you don’t have to take the entire role.

Food supplies

However tight on space you are, it is worth keeping a little space free for some festival snack food. You will inevitably end up buying all sorts from food stalls – especially if you have been drinking – but the price of this rapidly mounts up. Try to ration yourself to one big bought meal a day and supplement the rest with food from home. Key tip, bring some breakfast foods, you’ll will appreciate it when you eventually tire of eating chips for every meal.

Get to the front

Don’t waste your time battling from the back of the crowd. If you take nothing away from the article remember this, you are there to see the music so don’t waste your time languishing at the back or pointlessly trying to tackle a huge crowd head on. There’s an easier way, as every experienced festival goer knows, you are far better working your way in from the sides in a kind of pincer movement than going from the back. Walk as far as you can alongside the crowd and then cut across to short cut your way in!

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